Laser Hair Removal Made Hair Growth Worse?

I had only couple of hair so started laser which made the hair growth worse. Ruled out all the medical conditions. Now having applisonix ultrasound and already had 30treatments nearly but no effect. Growth is getting worse. Do I need to go back to laser again. Please advice.

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Paradoxical hair growth after laser hair removal

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As stated before a low fluance, especial on the initial treatments may cause paradoxical hair growth. It is most common in the face and maybe treated with higher energy laser or IPL treatment. A tail tail sign in many patients are sideburns were the hair almost connects to the hair over the check and border of the mandibular bone. Proper hormonal tests are required to rule out an imbalance. If the IPL or laser does not work another option is electrolysis. 


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Hair removal worse with laser

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Laser hair removal can occasionally cause hair growth if too low fluences (energy) are used. This is treatable with proper energy levels.  I am not familiar with the other modality you mentioned. Remember too that many areas on our face will grow more hair as we get older, especially the chin and neck, even if all medical  and hormonal tests are normal. You didn't mention the area treated so I'm not sure if it is relevant. 

Jacqueline Calkin, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

Regrowth after Laser Hair Removal

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Thank you for your question. I have yet to see laser fail to remove hair except in a handful of faces with grey hair and lite strawberry blonde hair.  All other hair has been improved. Sometimes with skin of color, hair can get worse when treatment settings are low, but will improve with higher settings. Other factors can be involved including perimenopausal hormone fluctuations, genetics, and age.  I recommend you see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for an assessment, then plan on how to treat the hair. I hope this helps.

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