Can You Get Laser Hair Removal with a Titanium Biopsy Clip?

I have very small breasts, and had a core biopsy done very close to the surface of my skin next to my nipple. I am looking to get laser hair removal in almost that same spot (nipples, breasts, and underarms). I called my primary care doctor, but they weren't sure if it would be an issue or not. Can I still have laser hair removal (and tattoo removal also near that area) with a titanium clip so close to the surface?

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Laser treatment is OK with titanium clip.

The question you asked has two parts.  First, it should be fine to have laser hair removal above your titanium clip.  If I were treating you, then I would go over the area with a weaker fluence (test).  Lasers see pigment, not hair.  The best results are with darker and coarser hair next to lighter skin.

The second part you asked about tatoo removal.  This may take several treatments depending on the pigment of the tatoo.  The clip is under the skin, so therefore, the same answer as above. 


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