Minocycline and Laser Hair Removal?

Hi, I am a 33 years old female. I’ve been taking minocycline to control my acne for a month now. I want to start IPL hair removal treatment next month but I know that minocycline make the skin sensitive to the light. Does the IPL light count? Do I have to stop taking the drug while doing the treatments? Please help me with my question as I really need the hair treatment and I can’t imagine stopping minocycline and resume my ugly painful story with acne. Thanks in advance.

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Hi!  Minocycline belongs to the most effective class of antibiotics used for acne treatment, which includes tetracycline, doxycycline and Minocycline.  Minocycline is minimally sunsensitive.  But because of the class it belongs to, pharmacists are required to apply the sunsensitive warning label on your medicine bottle.  Most doctor do not adjust laser power when treating a patient on this drug.  The patient's skin color is most important factor as to which hair removal laser is best, and at what power to use.  For darker skin tone patients, physicians tend to use lower power or even do test spots to determine starting settings.  If you have olive skin tone or darker, just be careful in selecting your provider, as hyperpigmentation risk is higher with laser treatments.  

In general IPL are not the best lasers for hair removal, especially for darker skin tones.  Diode and NdYag lasers are both more effective, specific and safer for laser hair removals.  Seek Soprano laser or Lightsheer laser.

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