Is Laser Hair Removal Supposed to Be Really Painful?

I got my first laser hair removal treatment a couple days ago on my legs, but the pain was literally almost unbearable. Is this normal or should I consider going somewhere else for treatments?

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New Technologies = Less Pain

The degree of pain with laser hair removal depends on the laser metrics and technology, density and thickness of your hairs, location of treatment, and the "TLC" provided by your laser technician. 

In my experience, the Lightsheer Duet technology from Lumenis yields the most effective outcome with the least amount of pain.

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Are laser hair removal treatments supposed to be painful?

The short answer is, possibly. It depends on the type of laser used and the care that they give you. In my office, we do laser hair removal with a very, very cold chiller that blows on the skin during the treatment. This allows the air to chill the skin and make the treatment more tolerable; it also makes the laser penetrate further and harder into the follicles because the heat from the laser is attracted to color and heat. Additionally, before any type of laser procedure we also apply a topical numbing cream in the office that sits for 10-20min to allow for even less pain. If you found the procedure that painful, I'm guessing you went to an office that had neither of these things, so there are definitely options to make your treatments more comfortable.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Laser hair removal pain

Laser hair removal feels kind of like an elastic band snapping against your skin. You may have had a higher intensity. Do you have any lasting redness or burns? If yes, then the device was set too strong. If not, then it was probably set at the right level to achieve results. If you see a reduction in your hair, I think it should be okay to continue there, however you should express your discomfort to your technician. Numbing cream can be applied to improve comfort.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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