Can I Have Laser Hair Removal Before a Hot Summer Holiday Which is in 2.5 Weeks Time?

I'm off to the mediterrenean this summer in about 2 and half weeks and have been having a lot of hair issues due to medical conditions. I am aiming to remove the bikini area, upper and lower legs, and lower stomach area. I bought my Remington IPL laser last week and am sceptical about using it before I go away. Can i end up with hyperpigmentation when on holiday when getting a tan... I am olive skinned with very dark hair. Thanks.

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IPL Laser and sun exposure

Hello, thanks for your question!


Yes, the sun exposure will affect your results! You can end up with hyper or hyPOpigmentation using intense pulsed light laser before or after significant sun exposure. I would recommend waiting 2 weeks AFTER the sun exposure before using the IPL and avoiding significant sun exposure for several days after you use the IPL. 


I generally do not recommend IPL in clients with pigment in their skin. The guidelines are to be cautious in clients with Fitzpatrick III and avoid in Fitzpatrick IV. The Fitzpatrick system categorizes your color, your skin's ability to tan or burn easily and so on. If you are olive-skinned, you may not be the best candidate for IPL hair removal. Take care!

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Hair removal before sun exposure

First, in my honest opinion, the Remington IPL system is pretty useless and if you haven't already used it, I'd return it! Home IPL systems are very weak and minimally effective because they are so low in power. This causes people to overuse them and turn them up too high and end up with severe burns and other problems.

If you've already begun using the system and want to use it anyway, well then, you need to make sure you don't have sun exposure for about 10 days prior to use. Using it BEFORE you leave would be better than when you return.

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