Is a burn a normal side effect of Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I got laser hair removal on my arms and I've come up with red/ dark red patches. Is this normal or are they burns? They feel just ever so slightly raised above my normal skin level and don't hurt to touch. How long would I expect to wait until the patches go away and what do I do to help bring them down?

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Laser Hair Removal

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Hello, redness after laser hair removal is normal. The redness usually goes away in a matter of hours after the treatment. If the area blisters or has dark spots days after the treatment then that means you did have some minor burning. Burning after laser hair removal is not normal, but it does happen. It is important that you address this with your laser treatment provider. Also after laser treatments it is important to wear sunscreen. You can also use A & D ointment to help soothe the skin faster. Good luck to you.

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Burn after laser hair.

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There is some redness after laser hair removal which subsides the same or next day. Make sure you consult with board certified dermatologist if pigmentation appear after the redness fades.

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