How can I treat the burn, stinging and itching after Laser Hair Removal Treatment? (photo)

Here is a link to my previous question. its day 2. i still have brown spots on my face and neck. i had a very clear skin. the lady who did my treatment didnt even tell me what was the laser setting and she didnt even treat half of my face. she only gave me this Cu3 post laser lotion to keep my skin moisturized. . i called them , they said its normal. but how is this normal? i really feel like crying since im having my wedding next month. now i still have hairs, brown marks and itching. i cant even bleach my remaining hairs. help

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Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately from the photos it appears as if you have infact suffered a mild burn with some hyperpigmenting. Like the other doctors have stated there is no easy fix and the discoloration will take time to heal and return to normal. It is very important that you use sunscreen while your face is healing. An over the counter hydrocortisone cream such as Aveeno will also help significantly with the itching and stinging.

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Side Effects from Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately it appears from the photo that the laser used may have burned you.  I would recommend you seek a board certified dermatologist for the best treatment at this time.  Please find a physician with a lot of experience in lasers and cosmetic skin care.

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Burn, Stinging and Itching after Laser Hair Removal

You seem to have  had a mild first degree burn with a lot of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.
Unfortunately, there is no quick remedy for the hyper pigmentation. It will SLOWLY clear up.  In about one week, you may try a bleaching cream with Hydroquinone, but the effects are very slow.
i suggest that you see a Dermatologist who does cosmetic work and he may evaluate you for:
A cover makeup 
An Intense Pulsed Light at very low power in a small test area  at first, starting in 2 weeks.
In the future, please have your laser Hair Removal done in a Dermatologist's  Office.
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Post LHR Skin Care

It looks as if you may have sustained some first degree burns. The Cu3 cream is a great ointment that will help to keep the skin moist and speed healing. Also, some over the counter hydrocortisone cream may calm the itching. Also, avoid sun exposure until the skin in completely healed and where sunscreen daily. You also want to avoid picking at the affected areas, scrubbing, or trying to remove any scabbing or crusting skin. If any of this skin is removed before the skin underneath is fully healed, you risk scarring or pigmentation problems. Also, some over the counter hydrocortisone cream may calm the itching. Also, avoid sun exposure until the skin in completely healed. These areas should heal within a week or 2. I would schedule a follow-up with the treating physician or office to ensure your skin is completely healed and you are not left with any hyper or hypo-pigmentation. 

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