Laser Genesis with Limelight Facial?

Can Laser Genesis be done in conjunction with limelight facial?

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Absolutely, they work very well together!

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If you have fine lines in conjunction with uneven skin pigment and sun spots, Laser Genesis and Limelight together could make a huge improvement in your skin. In fact, we frequently combine them for an optimal result. Here is how it's done:

Laser Genesis is best done in a package of six, two weeks apart. However, the amount of Limelight treatments needed will vary depending on the amount of sun damage and uneven pigment, but for most people two, possibly three treatments about a month apart will do the trick.
The first treatment is Laser Genesis/Limelight. The second treatment is just Laser Genesis. The third is the combination again. The fourth is just Laser Genesis. If needed there will be another Limelight with the fifth Laser Genesis and the sixth will be just Laser Genesis.
To summarize-

Laser Genesis:
Great for: Rejuvenating skin with fine lines, large pores and overall redness
Not for: Treating brown spots

LimeLight IPL Facial:
Great for: brown spots, freckles, red spots and uneven skin pigment
Not for: treating fine lines

Laser Genesis with Limelight Facial?

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Genesis & LimeLight? Absolutely! These two in combination work wonderful together. In fact, we offer the 3D Rejuvenation package (Titan, Limelight & Genesis) together for optimal anti-aging treatments. Genesis and LimeLight work great together to improve the overall texture of the skin; reducing appearance of fine lines, pore size and uneven skin – leaving it feeling smooth. The added benefit to using them in combination, they assist with reducing redness, broken vessels and brown spots.

Laser Genesis

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We do it but, make sure there is no heat trapping first. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Laser Genesis and Limelight IPL

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Laser Genesis and Limelight IPL work fabulous together.  When using the Laser Genesis first, it bulk heats the skin, helping kill bacteria while improving tone and texture.  The heat also helps any reds in your skin become more red making the IPL more effective.  We always combine the 2 procedures for optimal results.

Dr. Grant Stevens


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