Laser Genesis Vs. Fraxel - What's the Difference?

Does anyone know the difference in Laser Genesis and Fraxel treatments?

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Laser Genesis vs Fraxel

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Laser Genesis is a Yag laser with a specific wave length, 1064 nm used for non-ablative skin rejuvenation and is claimed to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scars, and diminish pore size. Laser Genesis is touted as a "lunchtime procedure" by the manufacturer, Cutera. The Fraxel: Repair is an invasive CO2 laser that is more invasive and "drills micro holes" leaving surrounding skin for a faster recovery. An exam and consultation is required to determine which is the best treatment for you.

Laser Genesis

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Fraxel is semi-ablative, drilling holes from 400-1000 microns deep, the Laser Genesis doesn’t drill any holes, there is just a microvascular effect and collagen remodeling.  Fractional is more aggressive, but a bigger result. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Fraxel and Laser Genesis are Different Types of Laser Treatment

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Laser genesis and Fraxel are two different kinds of lasers. They fall into the category of ablative lasers and Non-Ablative lasers. In Greek, to ablate means to destroy (or burn). Non-ablative does not burn. Thus, ablative lasers burn the superficial layer of the skin, or micro-zones of superficial and
deep layers, and cause the skin to repair itself. Non-ablative lasers put heat into a layer of the skin, and trick the skin to repair collagen (or constrict capillaries that cause redness), without burning.
Fraxel is a "semi-ablative" resurfacing laser. There are two kinds. Fraxel
Restore is the lightest resurfacing. Patients have 3-4 days of peeling,
then fresher resurfaced skin. It is usually repeated several times. Fraxel Repair is a deeper single-treatment resurfacing, and has a down time of 7+ days of peeling depending on the aggressiveness of the setting.
Laser genesis is a Non-Ablative treatment, and doesn't burn the skin. It has no down time. It
causes collagen contraction and repair in the superficial layer of the skin, so
it tightens pores, and diminishes redness (from capillary blush). It is very
effective for Rosacea, or other conditions with enlarged pores and redness in
the T-zone of the face.

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