Laser Ablation on the Gum Line - Temporary?

I had my gum line reduced by laser ablation a couple years ago for cosmetic enhancement. The results appear to have only been temporary; my gum line looks the same now as before the procedure. It kind of just grew back. The dentist did not mention whether the results would be permanent. Would this kind of procedure's results typically be permanent, or could they heal back to former appearance just like any other wound? Only had one laser ablation procedure, and it was fairly subtle.

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Laser Surgery

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The unpredictable nature of many procedures is the big challenge in this industry.  Thus, the terms “permanent, forever” are noticeably absent from many claims.

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Laser Gum Surgery is Generally Temporary

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Laser gum surgery is an option for treating mild and severe forms of periodontitis. The procedure is also used for cosmetic reshaping of the gums to adjust the gum line and to remove overgrowth of gum tissue.

Results can last for months, but would vary based on the amount of gum disease present. Laser surgery on some areas of the gums would be permanent, but treatment for overgrowth of gum tissue is likely to need repeat treatment.

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