Is it normal to have scrape lines/marks after Microdermabrasion? (Photo)

I has microdermabrasion with a gycolic chemical peel yesterday. I noticed scrape marks on my face where the tech had passed the instrument. Is this normal. I purchased a pack of 3, but don't know if I should go back if the tech isn't doing it properly. Thanks

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Redness or Scrapes after Microdermabrasion

Thank you for your question. It’s normal to have some redness after the treatment but it shouldn’t last more than a day. As for scrape marks, it’s usually not normal, but some people are very sensitive to the motions being performed on their face. If it lasts longer than a day, the strength of the microdermabrasion may have been too strong or the specialist may have been too rough. Since you purchased a package it’s best to go see the specialist again and express your concern. If after the 2nd time you see the same results, than yes, go to a different location.

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Tracking marks

Hi, Thanks for your question

It looks as if the physician has used a firm pressure during treatment or potentially your are quite sensitive. On the other hand depending on the strength of the Glycollic peel you had also may have sensitized the skin. 
This is not a usual side effect of this treatment, however i would recommend returning the the practitioner as you have purchased the course and expressing your concerns. 

Hope this helps

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