Is this early cc or waterfall deformity? (Photo)

Hi there! I'm 5 weeks post op BA 415cc allergen inspira HP subfascia placement aerola incision. As of the past week I have a constant pulling/ internal tugging on my right breast in the upper cleavage area. Right breast now seems to be getting flat with a downward pulling sensation. If I pull my shoulders back the skin in the upper right cleavage area gets very tight! Feels like something in that area needs to be clipped free. What could this be?

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Is this early Capsular Contracture?

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I would agree with the other surgeons in that you probably needed a lift and not simply placement of large implants in a subfascial plane.  What you may be seeing now is simply the results of your breast tissue sitting too low over implants that are comparatively sitting in a higher position.

My suggestion would be to go back and visit your original Plastic Surgeon and ask he/she about their recommendations moving forward.  In my humble opinion, I really think the only thing that is going to help you achieve an optimal result is to have a breast lift.  

I hope that helps!

Early cc?

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Hello, it would be uncommon to be developing capsular contracture only 5 weeks after BA surgery.  That stated, you would require a proper breast assessment to try to understand why you are getting these uncomfortable sensations.

Subfascial Inspira implants no substitute for a breast lift

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Your pre-op pictures show sagging, and even with large implants the nipples appear low. Subfascial is a nice option to avoid issues such as animation deformity, but regardless of placement sometimes a lift is needed. 

Breast uplift needed

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I would say that you started with significant breast sagging, and having implants without an uplift was your main mistake. The result that you have got is the expected shape for such a procedure in your specific case, and I cannot see any particular healing problem. An improvement would require an uplift, with additional scars.

Breast Augmentation Concern

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Your photos depict a predicted appearance after having large, ball shaped implants placed over the muscle in breasts that would have benefited from the addition of a breast lift. Your photos don't show a difference between right and left. 

Your asymmetric sensations will probably dissipate with time. 

Best of luck.

No waterfall deformity

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but its difficult to appreciate what is happening when you move your shoulders.  Your photos do not show anything of concern and what would be expected when you consider what you started with.  Best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon as he/she is best prepared to address your questions and provide you the reassurances you need.

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