Large Stretched Pores Caused by Sagging Skin?

I am 37 and of Indian heritage. I have slight sagging of skin on cheeks which is making my already enlarged pores look elongated to the point where they are joining together and look like wrinkles. I have just started using retin a in the hope that will work and have a great skincare routine (sunscreen, AHAs, Vitamin C serum). Would fillers help to plump up the skin and therefore stop the pores from stretching? Would intradermal Botox help? Any UK doctors who do this sort of treatment? Thank you

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Large pore skin

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Fillers or fat replacement will not do much for large pore skin.  What I have found works in my practice for large, patulous pores is using Retin A at night on a regular basis.  This increases epidermal thickness and increases the thickness of the papillary dermis, both of which improve 'pore size'.   Allumera treatments also work and would be safe for your skin. Fraxel laser systems would be of benefit as well but you would have to be careful the energy is delivered with care due to your skin type.  Good luck

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Sagging cheeks helped by Filler or Fat

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            Fillers would definitely address this issue as would facial fat grafting.  Fat grafting to the face if done with appropriate techniques can be 80 to 90% permanent.  This is a viable alternative to permanent fillers, and costs much less long term than temporary fillers.


            I have never used Botox in this situation.


             Good Luck.

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