I Am 32 I Have a Vertical Sleep/compression Line on my Left Cheek?

I am 32 have a vertical sleep line on left cheek under an inch long under 'normal' crows feet (which don't really bother me) also have some starting on the right though not permanant yet. 'Sleep' / compression line looks like a scar. What can I do surgically? Don;t want fillers...

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Sleep lines

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There really is nothing surgical possible for sleep lines at your age unless your are ready for a face lift. Sleep lines usually occur on the side of the face that is more likely to be facing down into the pillow.  Simple things such as learning to sleep face up, getting an ultra soft down pillow to top your regular pillow, using silk pillow cases and considering a donut pillow help to reduce pressure on the skin.  I  also assume you don't smoke?  Smoking brings lines to the face faster than anything.  Fillers and collagen stimulators are really the way to go at this point in your life.  The new Belotero is specifically designed to help with fine lines and sleep lines.

Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Limited options for sleep lines

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I can't think of any reasonable surgical options for your sleep lines.  Although you stated that you don't want filler, I think that filler like Restylane would provide structural support that could limit the folding of the skin in that area.  Of course, adjusting your sleeping position to your back is the best solution, but not always practical.  

Michael Contreras, MD
Greenwood Village Dermatologic Surgeon

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