Does a Lap Band Have to Be Removed After So May Fills or Years?

Does a Lap Band 'expire' after so many uses or years?

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Does a LapBand need to come out eventually

Think of a LapBand like an artificial hip.  Ideally, it is put in and does its job and never needs to be taken out.  That is the same goal for the LapBand when it is put in.  It does it's job to help you lose weight, it doesn't develop any problems, and it never needs to be removed.  

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How long can the Lap Band be in my body?

The Lap Band is meant to theoretically stay in your body for a long time, the amount of time has not been clearly defined as it has only been FDA approved since 2001.  With proper follow up and adequate proper nutritional intake, you should experience long term success with the lap band. If issues arise with the lap band, it can be removed but this usually means considering other surgical options.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
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Does a Lap-Band need to be removed?

The answer is no. The Lap-Band is meant to stay in forever.  Of course we do not know how long they last because they have only been performed in the US for about 10 years.  The worst case scenario is that the Lap-Band can easily be replace if any problems were to ever develop.

Shawn Garber, MD, FACS, FASMBS
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Longevity of the Lap-Band

No, the Lap Band is designed to be a permanent implant.  If the Lap Band is removed, studies show that patients will likely regain the weight they have lost.  During the Lap Band procedure there are no permanent changes made to the stomach, so if the band is removed the stomach will return to the configuration and function it had prior to the procedure.

Christopher S. Cobourn, MD
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Lap band lifelong

The lap band is intended to be a lifelong tool to control hunger a patients hunger. If any complications arise the lap band sometimes has to be removed. It is important to go for adjustments until the “green zone” has been reached. The “green zone” is when the right amount of fluid is in lap band therefore the patient can control their hunger, use portion control, is not hungry between meals, and has achieved satisfaction.

Arif Ahmad, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

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