How Much Will my Labs Cost? Have to Have Them Done a Week Before my Surgery. TT is on April 12th

My TT is scheduled for April 12th. I have to pay for my labs about a week beforehand. How much can I expect to pay for them? I also have to buy this injection to be done within 24 of my surgery to prevent clotting? How much for this as well. Thanks so much in advance

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Check with your surgeon's office regarding lab costs.

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Your best bet is to call your surgeon's office and ask them where they recommend having the labs done and how much you can expect to pay for them.  They are referring patients regularly and should know.

Surgeon Should Give Costs of Labs

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In my practice the cost of pre-op labs is built into the total cost (anesthesia, facility, supplies, etc.), although you would have to pay for the Lovenox additionally.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you the lab fees and your pharmacist should be able to tell you the cost of the Lovenox.  Your plastic surgeon may be able to obtain the labs at a reduced fee.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

How Much Will Lab Tests Cost?

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It depends on what you're having done.  For an otherwise healthy woman under the age of 40 and a smaller procedure, it may be possible to have just a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a pregnancy test.  That usually costs about $75.  For a larger procedure and/or an older patient, additional tests are requried.  These may include more blood tests (called chemistries), an electrocardiogram, and additional tests.  This may increase the cost up to several hundred dollars.

In some cases, some or all of these tests can performed as part of a yearly examination by your personal physician.  Some of the tests, such as the EKG, are typically valid for up to six months; others (like the blood tests) for only about 2-3 weeks.

So:  see what tests are required, see how long they're valid for, see how much the laboratories and/or physicians near you would charge for them and, finally, see if you've recently had any of them done as part of a routine physical exam (or for any other procedures).

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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