Can Leftover Filler Be Used?

My doctor injected half syringe of Juvederm (Ultra) for my nasolabial fold, ans he said to come back for follow up next time. And he will use another half syringe, if necessary, for me. I wonder if the leftover fillers can be kept and used again after a month or so. Is it safe?

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Leftover Filler

Strictly speaking left over filler should not be used.  The vial of filler has had a needle attached to it and this has been previously injected into your skin.  Theoretically this opens the possibility of contamination of the filler.

Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Leftover Filler Reused

   It is better to find another area to inject the filler as the volume left is small, and keeping it carries risk, no matter how small.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Leftover filler

Although it is always ideal to use "fresh" or newly opened filler, many people have used leftover filler without any problems and with great results...the main risk is that an opened filler could start to dry out or potentially become contaminated.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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Leftover Juvederm

  • Dear Giselle,
  • Yes, it can be used, there is a study documenting its safety as long as a new needle or sterile cap was placed on the syringe
  • They concluded that the syringe should be used before it expires

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Leftover Juvederm

Left over juvederm should be disposed of. NEVER use leftover Juvederm used on you or another person.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Storing Juvederm

I don't store this on a regular basis but I don't think that there is a problem with doing this if done properly. Occasionally a patient will have what looks like some fast swelling of one side of a lip before I am finished. I might want to wait a little while before finishing so that I am sure about whether this is product or swelling and that both sides even. In such a case I will save a drop in case I need a tiny touch up.

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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Leftover Juvederm

There is some risk of contamination if any partially used filler syringe is capped and stored after partial use.  I am not a big fan of doing this as the onus is then upon me to label syringes and to ensure they are stored safely, have not been tampered with and are safe to use at a later date. From my perspective it is easier to find a place to inject at little bit more filler than to deal with all the potential risks to store product that has been opened. 

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can Leftover Filler Be Used?

Yes. Filler can be reused as long as it is stored properly and controls are in place to ensure that you receive the same syringe at your followup visit. I try to avoid banking syringes of filler. Although the risk of infection is low, it is not zero. This is a relatively uncommon request as most patients require at least one (often two to three) syringe for full correction. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm can be stored if needed

I prefer to use the half syringe size for patients who need a small amount of Juvederm, and then the whole syringe size for more volume.  I don't typically store Juvederm on a routine basis, however many doctors do.  It obviously can only be used again for you, and not on another patient, so the syringe needs to be labelled and stored safely. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
Paramus Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can left over Juvederm be used?

The answer is that the Juvederm is very stable and has a long shelf life if stored properly and it does not require refrigeration.  Most offices do store "left over" Juvederm for a short time as a courtesy to patients who may need a touch up. 

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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