Which are more effective self-ligating braces: In-Ovation Braces or Damon System? (photos)

If they are the same self-ligating braces, which do you prefer to use at your practice?

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Self-ligating braces have many advantages...

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Self-ligating braces have many advantages for patients. The built-in doors hold the archwire in place so there is usually no need for additional wires or elastics to hold it. This makes for a much cleaner mouth during the whole time you are in braces. I think that is a huge advantage! Many of the risks associated with braces are due to excess plaque trapped against the teeth. You asked about two different types of self-ligating braces: Damon vs. In-Ovation. There is an important difference between the two - friction. There are many orthodontists who believe friction helps teeth move and there are just as many who say less friction is the way to go. Basically, the bracket is simply a tool the orthodontist uses to push/pull your teeth into alignment. The best bracket is the one YOUR orthodontist uses on a daily basis. Choose an orthodontist who you can believe in then don't worry too much about the brackets they use...the end result will depend on the skill of your orthodontist not the bracket!

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Damon braces

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Hi, and thanks for write!.Damon braces are what’s known as “self-ligating,” which means they don’t need to be manually tightened as often as traditional braces. Tightening typically makes your mouth and jaws feel taut for a few days, and the elastic ties and active clips used on traditional braces create friction against your teeth and the tissues of your mouth. This can lead to pain and discomfort, but Damon braces are gentler to your mouth. The self-ligating aspect of Damon braces enables patients to go longer between visits, which cuts down on the time and inconvenience of dental consultations, helps keep your mouth healthy because there are no wires or ties that food can stick to, and it’s far easier to brush and floss without them.The design of the Damon braces enables your teeth to move independently of the manual adjustments, which reduces the overall treatment times compared with traditional braces.  The early phases of orthodontic treatment are aimed at uprighting and de-rotating your teeth. Damon braces do this while gently widening your arch to give your face better balance.
Damon braces have revolutionized the methods used by orthodontists to improve your oral health and your appearance.

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