Kors Permanent?

Whilst googling, I came across KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching. Their website says Permanent results – white teeth for your lifetime Could you please tell me if this IS permanent? I do not want to waste money on 'laser' whitening if KöR will keep my teeth white (with correct hygiene) forever. I do not drink red wine and only have one cup latte and one cup of milky tea a day, so hopefully that will not change the results. I would appreciate all of your help and advice. Thank you

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Is KoR Whitening permanent?

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KoR Deep Bleaching is permanent in the sense that the whitening will last forever with proper maintenance ( once a month touchup) and continued hygiene.  The whitening is impervious to wine, coffee, etc.  All those staining foods and drinks that you would not want to spill on your white carpet.  My office does a lot of KoR and it works great.  Much better than whitening with a light source

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