Kor Whitening/Deep Bleaching: Max Vs. Max Ultra?

If I understand correctly, there are two types of in-office KoR whitening: the max and the max ultra. The difference between the two is that the max ultra uses an extra 13% hydremide peroxide at the beginning, and also a longer period of time with KoR Night. Is the Max Ultra reserved only for recalcitrant and difficult cases or can it be used for anyone? Also, is the conditioning appointment prior to the application of the whitening gel optional or necessary?

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Either Way

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While the KOR Max Ultra does have the additional inital in-office treatment and a longer at-home protocol, my experience is that it is not necessary except in more difficult darkly stained or teracycline type cases.  Most other type cases respond very nicely to the shorter protocol.  Talk to your provider about this and get his/her opinion about your specific case.

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Kor Whiting?

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Both can be used you may get faster result with the higher % not necessaryly whiter just fast and yes you should do the preliminary care first good luck



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