What are the risk of Asian having bad scarring for Breast Augmentation? (photos)

Asian girl, 28 years, 5'7" tall, 53kg. Considering 330-370cc silicone implants, mentor round,high profile,inframammary incision. What are the risk of Asian having bad scarring & the advantages/disadvantages of opting for the dual plane method & having BA before getting having children. How soon am I able to start working out/doing extreme sports (diving/skiing/bungee jumping) & please explain further about muscle flex deformity. How soon will I be able to sleep on my front. Will the implants have a higher risk of rupture if I lie on my front? Also, what are the chances of developing stretch marks due to BA?

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Breast augmentation asian woman

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Many before and after images of Asian women who have received breast augmentation my practice are pictured on Realself.   Scarring should to be an issue with an experienced plastic surgeon. A very significant concern is appropriate size, shape and placement f the breast implant to create a natural looking rest. Look for a plastic surgeon who can provide many many before and after images with results like you would hpe to achieve and take time to review their training and expertise. 
With many Asian patients, I use form stable shaped breast implants and I lower the inframammary fold so that there is more great tissue below the nipple areola complex than above. each patient is unique and not all patients require this approach, but you should seek a plastic surgeon with experience with this approach. 

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Scarring after breast augmentation and Asian female

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In my experience Asian patients undergoing breast augmentation do not have unusually bad scars.  If you do have red scarring or other scarring problems treatments with the 1540 non-ablative fractional erbium laser can correct the problem.

The you have many questions that really require an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for proper answers.

However many answers may be found by reading the following link:

Great questions!

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I would agree that while you have some great questions, it would probably be more beneficial to ask these questions of your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon during the consultation.  

To get you started:
  • There is no way to guarantee how you are going to scar.  Quality of your scars is dependent upon several factors although most patients (in my experience) tend to heal very nicely regardless of their ethnicity 
  • I use a partial sub muscular approach and find that works for a majority of my patients
  • Augmentation before or after having kids is really a personal decision and so there is no right/wrong answer here
  • I work with a very active client base and prefer a sub muscular approach since many of these women have low body fat and so a sub glandular approach may lead to a less natural appearing result
  • You should be able to sleep on your stomach within a few weeks after surgery
  • Sleeping on your stomach should not increase the risk for rupture
  • Stretch marks can occur following BA although why they occur is really not known

I hope these answers help and wish you the best of luck!

Breast augmentation does not produce stretch marks.

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Scarring is seldom an issue in breast augmentation regardless of the skin type. There's no danger to the implants by laying on them. If you're vigorous athletic league you might consider a sub glandular position. Breast augmentation does not cause stretch marks.

You have many good questions about breast augmentation

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You are asking all of the right questions about breast augmentation, but the problem is that you are asking them all together, and some are very general.  They are all questions that need to be answered for you before you undergo surgery, however, and therefore, my best advice for you is to schedule a consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can cover all of this information for you in detail.  Between Gudrun, my nurse, Eva, my patient coordinator, and I, we personally cover all of this information during our consultations, so this is all stuff that is pretty standard, and most surgeons should go over it with you.  As an alternative, if you are intent on getting answers to your questions here on RealSelf, I would suggest cutting them up into "bite sized pieces" to make it more feasible for the surgeons to answer them.  Best of luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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Scarring and Recovery for Asian Breast Augmentation

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Congratulations on your decision to get breast implants.  While it is true that any patient that has some color in their skin like Asian skin, the risk of developing bad scars is very low, especially if you are not prone to heavy scars already.  The best way to know that is to look at your hand or knees where we often see cuts.  If yours have healed in well, you are not likely to have bad scarring.  With all scars, a scar cream or application that has silicone in it will keep the scar soft and should help you get a great result.

For recovery, if you have a rapid recovery protocol, you should not have any difficulty getting back to most routine activities within a day or so.  I have added a link and a video about this for you.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

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You have lots of typical questions before surgery. It would be best to research and visit a plastic surgeon near you and go over your list one by one.

Best Wishes

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Asian breast augmentation

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Beautiful, natural looking results can still be achieved. Scarring can be treated with scar treatments, such as silicone gel and silicone sheeting. Implants may warp when flexing your chest muscles, and this is muscle flex deformity. It is a concern when the implants are placed under the muscle.

You can do vigorous physical activity about 6 weeks after breast augmentation, although you may want to wait a little longer for bungee jumping. Implants are very durable and sleeping on your front will not increase the risk of rupture. Stretchmark development depends on how prone you are to getting them. If you develop them easily, then breast augmentation may cause them as well.

You should ask your surgeon for their advice, as they may have different information and guidelines.

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.