Why am I to avoid contact with pets?

I am 6 days post op from having silicone breast implants. My kids brought home a kitten. My aftercare packet provided by my ps says to avoid direct contact with pets, especially cats. I'm curious why this is. The kitten will not stay away from me and its pretty hard not to pet. Is the concern some sort of infection or possible trauma they could cause to the breast? If infection is the issue what can i do to counteract this?

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Post Op Restrictions

Pets can carry bacteria so potentially being close to one would increase your risk of exposing your incision to bacteria. I would think that the risk would be very small if your incisions are well-covered. Talk to your Plastic Surgeon about clarifying their instructions.
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Pets and the risk of infection

After a surgical procedure you will have a wound that will need to be kept clean.  Pets like to lick wounds and if you have a pet at home we encourage you to make sure that the pet does not attempt to lick any wounds.  Some patients tend to be medicated after a surgical procedure as well and may sleep through a pet coming close to a wound.  Make sure to wash your hands after handling pets to avoid any type of infections.   

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Pet contact in post op time period after BBA

Hi and thanks for posting your question on RealSelf!Each surgeon has different guidelines regarding what you expose yourself to in the post op time period. When implants are in the picture, the goal is to avoid exposure of the implant to harmful bacteria. Pets carry different bacteria than humans. Do your best to adhere to the recommendations given by your surgeon, as they are only meant to protect you from complications that can compromise your outcome.

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