What are symptoms of your body rejecting implants? Can it happen 2 years after breast surgery?

I've had implants for 7 years then my left one ruptured! 2 years later I'm having strange symptoms like chostrocondritis and pain under my left breast for 6 weeks. My plastic surgeon said my implants are fine but What are your symptoms if your body rejects implants?

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Concerns over breast implant "rejection"

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The other doctors have answered this quite well. I would add that the problem arising two years following new implants would make it rare that the problem is being caused by the implants. You were wise in speaking with your surgeon about the problems you're having. Pain under the breast, or chostrocondritis symptoms could be further evaluated to see if you have had an injury or pull causing this.

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Can breast implants be rejected by the body

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Breast implants are made of an alert material and and autoimmune rejection response is virtually unheard of.  Your symptoms may be due to capsular contracture.  Please see your plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion.

What are the signs of breast implant rejection?

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It is virtually unheard of for breast implants to be "rejected" by the body. The implants are made of a substance that is very nonreactive to the immunity system of the body. Late problems with implants are normally associated with possible leakage or the formation of a capsular contracture. A consultation with your surgeon should help clarify this issue.

John J. Edney, MD
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Implants are not rejected

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by your body but if you are convinced that is what is causing your symptoms, your only option is to remove them and see if your symptoms resolve with removal. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Breast implants are never rejected.

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Breast implants and their silicone shell do not generate. An immune response. A foreign body reaction At two years might be the beginning of a capsular contracture however.

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