Is there harm in getting the second treatment if you still have tenderness in the arm area?

I had the miradry treatment two months ago. I have seen about 80-85% reduction in sweating. While I'm pleased with the results, I do plan to go back for the second treatment as I had to pay for 2 treatments at time of purchase.I have slight numbness/sensitivity in the tricep area of just one arm.

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2nd treatment timing?

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Congratulations on getting 80 to 85 % reduction in your sweating. The second treatment should be done at level 5 at three months from the first treatments. It sounds from your description like you're not fully recovered yet and you need to wait about 1 more month.

Best wishes, Dr. Aldo

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Second Treatment After 3 Months

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Hi and thank you for your question!

We recommend 3 months in between treatments. Before scheduling your second treatment, if you still have the sensitivity and/or numbness, I suggest you call the practice to discuss this with the provider. You could wait longer in between without any issue in result.  


Dr. Grant Stevens

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3 months waiting is recommended

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Miradry’s protocol recommends waiting 3 months before undergoing a second treatment. Waiting ensures that you have fully recovered from your previous treatment. Occasionally numbness/tingling occurs following a treatment. This typically resolves without any long term issues. But please check with your provider if your symptoms are normal/expected to make sure. This only can determined during a physical exam. We complete second treatment in most of our patients with very high if not 100% success rate

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Second MiraDry Treatment

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MiraDry is a wonderful procedure for patients with excessive sweating and underarm odor.  In my practice, I have found that patients with severe sweating may require a second treatment.  Most patients have 50% reduction in sweat and odor after the first treatment, and another 30% reduction in a 2nd treatment.  I recommend a second treatment no sooner than 6 months after the first treatment.  I would definitely not have a treatment if you still have numbness or sensitivity to the area as that indicates you still have some inflammation. 

Good Luck!

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Second MiraDry Timing

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The sensitivity and numbness are still normal and will likely continue to resolve. You should be able to proceed with a second treatment whenever it is convenient for you but you may have longer swelling after the second treatment. I encourage the patients to wait until the tenderness resolves before proceeding.

How many miraDry treatments can you have?

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In my opinion, there is no harm in having another miraDry treatment, however I would wait until the tenderness resolves, which shouldn't be much longer. If at the 90 day mark you are still experiencing pain, numbness or swelling, I would re-visit your healthcare professional for evaluation.

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Single miraDry needed in most of our patients

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There is no harm but I would wait until tenderness resolves. 

2nd procedure should not be sooner than 3 months, and as such, at 3 months there should be no tenderness in the area. 

In our practice 86% of our patients require only a SINGLE procedure. 

Read my ebook about miraDry on the link below. 

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