Will Juvederm Start to Migrate Around the Nose when It Start Dissolving?

I want to get a Juvederm injection in my nose bridge (I have a flat bridge), but I am afraid that it will start to migrate (and cause lumps) around my nose area when the product starts to dissolve over time. Will this happen? This is my first time with any kind of filler, so I am very worried about this. Please help. Thank you!

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If injected properly, Juvederm or any other hyaluronic acid should not migrate.

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Juvederm or any other hyaluronic acid based facial filler should not migrate if it is placed skillfully and not manipulated after the injection.  That said, Perlane would be a better choice as this is a more particulate filler that tends to keep its shape where it is placed, especially on a bony area.  Juvederm is a much finer filler and I don’t use it for volumetric injections but more for fine lines and lips.  There is no tendency for migration when the fillers start to dissolve.

Juvederm for Nose

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The probability and degree of migration can be managed in the hands of an experienced and expert injector. Juvederm may not be an ideal filler for this area.  You may wish to discuss a filler such as radiesse with your injector.

Juvederm For Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty - Should Not Migrate

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When properly injected, Juvederm should not migrate or cause lumps.  That being said, Juvederm is not my first choice for correction of nasal defects (non-surgical rhinoplasty). In our practice, we use liquid injectable silicone which is much more precise and long-lasting.  I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon. Click on the link below to see before and after photos of nasal defects corrected with silicone.  



Migration of juvederm

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It is unlikely that this would happen as the product, when properly injected, should not migrate. However, Juvederm would not be my first choice for this type of correction. I would use a firmer filler like Perlane or Radiesse. 


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for this question i would call the mfg of the product for the tests results


also read the product disclaimer

Micki Ly, MD
Maui Dermatologic Surgeon

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