Can I Do Juvederm Immediately After Ulthera Treatment?

3 weeks ago I had Ulthera that was followed by Juvederm on upper cheeks and under eyes. Now my right cheek has lump which is noticable and my right eye looks smaller and lazy.

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Juvedermâ„¢ is safe after a skin tightening procedure.

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It is perfectly safe to have filler done after a skin tightening procedure and they compliment each other well. The technique of the injector is a huge part of the outcome and results of filler. It is common and normal to feel small lumps or bumps under the skin post-filler but if the lump is visibly noticeable and is affecting your eye you may want to go back to your doctor to see if they can correct it.

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Ulthera and Facial Fillers

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I have perfored many Ultherapy procedures and set the 'ground rules' for patients during the consultation - 1) I do  not perform the Ultherapy if the patient has had facial fillers in the area within 8 months, 2) wait at least 2 weeks AFTER the Ultherapy for facial fillers. Ultherapy can cause some erythema on the dermis and you want all this inflammation go away before fillers are inected.

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