Average Cost for Juvederm with Botox?

I had Juvederm injections in my lips (mostly upper lip) and Botox on my forehead and crow's feet area. My doctor used two syringes of Juvederm and 60 cc's (around 2 syringes) of Botox. The cost was $1100.00 for the Botox and $1200.00 for the Juvederm for my lips. Does that sound average?

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Average Cost for Juvederm with Botox

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Fees vary greatly around the country. Botox fees will generally range from $12 to $17 per unit. Dermal filler is generally between $600 - $800 for a 1.0 cc Juvederm syringe. Botox may be slightly above the norm, but the dermal fillers if 1.0 cc syringes seem to be in line.

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Cost of juvederm and botox

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 The fees for inejcting botox and/or juvederm will vary around the country and from injector to injector.  It sounds within the ball park for most areas.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Sounds like a little much, to be honest.

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Thanks for your question.

Juvederm Ultra Plus (the more expensive of the Juvederms) usually runs anywhere from 400-600, depending on where you go and who is performing the injection. For a dermatologist to do it themselves, it will usually cost around 550-550/syringe, but there are specials where you can get it for 450 or maybe even lower.

Regarding Botox, it is priced per unit. Usually, the price per unit is 10-14/unit, so if you do the maximum units in both of these areas (25 for a forehead, 24 for the crows feet), then you are looking at around 700 dollars. Even for places that charge by area are, at most, 300-350/area. Find out how many units you received and what the price was per unit.

Also, look for combination specials when you get Botox and Juvederm the same day. Our office does 25% off both when you do them the same day, and I'm sure other offices do the same (our website is in the process of updating from the 10%off, but you can see what I mean).

Look around, I'm sure you can find better deals. Hope this helps!

Don Mehrabi, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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Prices for Botox and Juvederm.

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The price is high, but it might be what your doctor charges. If you are happy with results and can afford maintenance, I would stay with it. If not, look around for better pricing, especially for Botox. $20 per unit is pretty high. In your quest for lower prices, though, make sure you do not sacrifice quality.

Good luck!

Stella Desyatnikova, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Botox and Juvederm Costs

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Hi Mulehead,

The Botox sounds a little high if it was 60 units (not ccs).  Your lips must be fairly large with 2 cc of Juvederm.  Your Juvederm charges are appropiate for 2 syringes. 

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How Much Should my Botox and Juvederm Cost?

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Prices for cosmetic treatments will vary from place to place, so we will chime in with some information on the costs of these procedures in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Juvederm generally goes from about $400 on the low side to $750 on the high side for a 1 cc syringe.  So, if you were in our area, you'd be on the high side fo the range.

Botox in our area generally goes from around $8 per unit to $15 per unit.  At $1,100 for 60 units, you would be at $18.33 which seems very high.  Hope this helps.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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