Juvederm after lower blepharoplasty? Yes or No?

I was hoping for opinions on whether I should get Juvaderm fillers under my eyes.   I had lower transconjuctival blepharoplasty and fat grafting under the eye/cheek 2 months ago to get rid of my under-eye bags. Unfortunately there was a complication with my right eye. The mucosa would not stay in place after the surgery. I developed chemosis and had severe double-vision when looking to the left. It was very frightening, but my surgeon was working closely with me as things progressed. Fortunately, everything is much improved. The mucosa returned to it's proper location, the chemosis cleared up and the double vision is nearly gone. Phew! I still have some bruising and swelling, by the way.   Today my surgeon told me that I have some hollowness under my eyes and she feels Juvederm injections would improve this to give my blepharoplasty the best possible results. If I were to go forward with this, it would not be for another 6 months or so to ensure I am fully healed.   Unfortunately, my experience with the "complication" has left me slightly afraid of doing anything else. I think my surgeon did a good job and I trust when she says this complication was unexpected and there was nothing she could do. She says she didn't want to cut the mucosa when it was out of place in order to avoid the risk of it losing any functionality.   I would love to have optimum results, but I wonder if it is worth the risk at this point. I'm almost just I am also afraid of "Juvederm". The fat grafting was from my own body (belly) but an artificial filler being put in my face frigthens me a little.   Any input would be greatly appreciated :)        

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Juvederm for under eye hollows - skittish after post surgical complications

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Hyaluronic gels - Juvederm and Restylane - are a popular way to fill up under eye hollows. In your case, the fact that they can fairly easily be dissolved might make you feel a little more comfortable in making that choice.

Since you've had complications following your surgery, you should make sure that any treating physician you might choose other than your surgeon knows exactly what occurred.

A very slow progressive correction might be the way to achieve what you are looking to accomplish.T hose corrections can be quite beautiful.

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Juvederm after lower blepharoplasty

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It sounds like you have had a rough recovery, but your surgeon took care of you and gave you good advice to get you through it.  No surgical procedure is without risk though the problems you experienced are rare.  A hyaluronic acid filler (HA) is a good option for filling hollowness in the lower lid, but remember that unlike your fat, it is temporary...may last  up to a year in this area...also, there are differences among HA's.  Juvederm isq more hydrophilic than restylane or belotero and I would recommend one of the latter for that reason.

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