Painful Face 4 Days After Jessner's Peel

I had the peel nearly 4 days ago and this pain is getting unbearable! It is constant, I do not dare to open my mouth more than half an inch or make any facial expression. My face is still red and peeling. And although the area around my mouth and chin has already shed it appears as though it is going to shed again! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN!!! Was there a mess up, do I need to go see an MD?

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Pain after Jessner's peel

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Pain 4 days after a Jessner's peel is not normal . You need to inform your doctor what is going on. Jessners peels are superficial and should not be painful.  You should see a dermatologist and you need to know what exactly was used and where they got the peel ingredients.  Some people make up their own peels and they are not controlled for quality. Good skin care at this point should help things resolve without scarring or other complications.   

Boulder Dermatologist

Post peel instructions

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Did the person who did your peel explain to you how to take care of your skin after the Jessner's peel? Post-peel care can be as important as the procedure it self. It sound like you are very dry. Consider moisturizing with pertolatum about 4 times a day but also talk to a doctor.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
New York Dermatologist

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