Am I a potential candidate for hair implants? I had craniosynostosis. (photos)

I was born with craniosynostosis and underwent an intensive surgery at 18 months of age . I have a scar going from ear to ear... I have lived with it for 21 years but I've always felt very insecure about it.. I have just recently started researching how to cover it.

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Scar revision surgeries for the scalp do not eliminate scars. There will always be areas of missing hair.

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Scar revision surgeries for the scalp do not eliminate scars.  There will always be areas of missing hair.  Scar revision surgeries may reduce the width of the scar by 50% in the best case scenario. 
Scalp MicroPigmentation can also be used to hide scars.  See video. 

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Scar from Synostosis

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It can be repaired with scar excision performed microscopically and you can have exceptional results if performed correctly. Scalp scar repairs are not a common procedure, very few us us do it well. Please see link below to learn about scalp scar repairs. We can do an online consultation if you would like to call my office.

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Scalp scarring from childhood

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Your scar can be treated and you have several options.  Some experienced scalp doctors may be able to take out the scar (See Dr. Kabaker) and you may also be able to transplant hair into this scar.  Any good hair transplant surgeon should be able to add some grafts to help hide this appearance.  You may also consider Scalp MicroPigmentation either combined with surgery or alone, in order to help reduce the appearance of the scar.  Start doing the research for really experienced hair doctors in your area who do a lot of reconstruction (and who do SMP/and hair grafting so they know ALL your options and can explain them).  FOr something like this you may also end up traveling, but the procedures are not that difficult to go through and the reasults can really be a big improvement.
Hope that helps and Good luck!

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Scalp scars

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These are best treated with scalp micropigmentation. We have many patients from all over the world coming to our office for this treatment. There is not reason for you to suffer. See web site below

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