It's been 8 weeks since skin graft on nose after mohs surgery and there's fluid. Is this normal?

8 weeks ago I had a skin graft on nose after mohs surgery. It is still swelling up a little. When you press on the graft it will turn white. Still seems like fluid under it. Will this correct itself or will the plastic surgeon have to correct it?

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Recovery After Mohs Surgery

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Your best option is to see the surgeon who performed the repair. It takes 6-12 months for final cosmetic results following any surgical procedure, but generally, it should be well healed within 1-2 weeks after surgery. Any doctor who performs a reconstruction would want to know if the patient has questions or concerns about how the wound is healing. Have the surgeon examine the graft. Good luck.

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Recovery from skin graft from Mohs

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Most often the surgeon sees you at the 8 week mark after a skin graft, as this is a good time to assess everything. If you don't have something scheduled, make an appointment to see your surgeon for an evaluation. Keep your hands away from the area and stop pressing on it though - that's doing nothing to help your recovery!

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