Itchy Irregular Black Small Mole on my Back? (photo)

I had a simlar one removed from my upper arm @ the end of the summer.It came back with mild dysplasia. I told the dermatologist I was worried about one on my abdomen,he said it looked fine to him but would remove it if I wanted. It was shave biopsied & came back mild dysplasia also. He checked upper body only (waist up).Both were further excised & sutured. He looked @ the back & said it was ok but now it's itchy. I'm not sure if I should go back, I really dont want chunks taken out of me unnecessarily.

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Mole removal

If you are noticing any changes (i.e. itching) then I would follow-up with your physician for a further evaluation and possible biopsy.  

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With your history of a dysplastic nevus, you should have a yearly, full body exam.  You already answered your own question in that you are questioning your current doctor and their recommendations.  Find a doctor that you are confident and comfortable with, you deserve no less.  Good Luck!

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Things to look out for in suspicious moles.

If your mole has recently become itchy - then I would definitely go back to see your doctor.  I always advise people to look for changes such as bleeding, itching or a change in size or colour. If you experience any of these changes, then it does not necessarily mean that you have a cancerous mole, but it does mean that you should have it checked out.  It may be nothing, and I can understand that you have recently had it checked - but I would advise you to go back and have it checked again.


It is difficult to keep an eye on moles that are on the back and so I have a low threshold to remove them.  The back is an area of the body that does not tend to leave particularly good scars, and this is something that you might want to discuss with your doctor.  This mole is not raised and so I do not think that it would be possible to do a shave excision even if you wanted to, but I would definitely advise formal excision rather than shave.  A shave excision does not remove the full thickness of the mole and should not be performed when removing a brown mole.  It is important that the mole is removed in its entirety so that it can be submitted for histological analysis.


Good luck.

Mole removal and biopsy of a brown mole on the back

There is a chance that this may be dysplastic, but it is hard to tell unless there is a biopsy taken.  There are methods used in my office to minimize scarring with mole removal biopsies. I would proceed with a biopsy after an examination.

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Black moles - don't shave them off

Itchy irregularly bordered black moles on a part of you like your back which is hard for you to follow should generally be removed.  But not by shaving them.  The concern here is for melanoma which is the deadliest of skin cancers and the proper treatment and prognosis for melanoma depends on knowing the depth of the lesion, critical information which is destroyed by shaving it off.  I'd get another derm.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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