Itching 1 Day Post Op?

I am one day post op. My breasts are tight and sore which I know is normal. But they are itchy as well. Itchy around the bottom crease and near my armpits. Is this normal? The insicion was done under my breast where the crease is. I guess it feels like a wound healing (which is often accompanied with itchiness). Just wanted to check, as I have not found a single post where women talk about itching around the breast right after the operation. My post op appt is not for another 4 days.

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Itchiness after breast augmentation

Itchiness can accompany stretching skin and sensory changes, both of which are common following surgery. However, it can also indicate irritation, which may be caused by your post-surgery bra. If it's not the bra, then you may want to start very gently applying moisturizer to your breasts, avoiding the incisions. Be very gentle when applying the moisturizer.

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Itching after surgery.

Thanks for your question. Itching is a normal symptom after surgery, as long as it is not accompanied by a rash or fever. Itching can be due to the skin prep used to sterilize your skin during surgery, a normal side effect of pain medications, and/or bandages around your breasts. It is always best to address any concerns with your PS. Best wishes. Dr. Aldo.

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Itching 1 Day Post Op?

May be normal as a lot of nerves are stretched during the surgery, but you must also consider the prep solution used for the surgery, the dressings placed at the end of the surgery, or consider the medications such as antibiotics or pain medications.  Monitor for any rash as well, but also notify your surgeon.

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Itching One Day After Breast Augmentation

     This may be organic in nature, but allergic reaction from adhesives may be the cause.  Always contact the plastic surgeon if you have concern about an allergic reaction.

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That annoying itch after breast augmentation surgery, here's a simple tip

Hello Redwall1,

I totally understand what you are saying.  Here is something to consider:  most women who have breast augmentation surgery have stretching of their skin.  The same thing occurs with pregnancy.

Sometimes the stretched skin looks shiney, feels very firm AND ITCHES.  My patients tell me this all the time.

Areas that can feel particularly tight and itchy include:

1.  the lower portion of the breast- between the crease and the nipple, including the areola 

2. the outside wall of the breast- toward the armpit.

Those are 2 areas that are somewhat 'expandable' to accomodate the large size of the implant.

Certainly medications, tape, glue, stitches and soaps can contribute to, or be the cause of, itching but I most often see it as a  function of the stretched, tight skin.  It is not uncommon for the skin to look dry and flakey over the next couple of weeks.  The same things happens with pregnancy


Although you should check with your surgeon, I have my patients start massaging their breasts starting post op day 1 with a moisturizer and apply baby oil while in the shower.  

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen


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Itching 1 Day Post Op?

This is quite common. Likeliest causes are:

  • the pain medicines,
  • the prep from surgery,
  • the dressing (including the bra)
  • and the tapes (Steristrips ) that may have been used.


My best advice is to call your surgeon for instructions.

Thanks, best wishes.

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Itching after surgery may have a number of sources.

Itching is usually caused by localized release of histamine in the skin.  This can be created by the operation itself, by irritation to the skin, or by narcotics that cause the mast cells to release histamine.

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Itching after breast augmentation

Itching may be the result of irritation from the bandages and dressing.  Best to ask your doctor and perhaps be seen. It could be an allergic reaction to medications, bandages, etc..

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Itching after Breast Augmentation

Itching may be due to bandages and/or your bra.  Also consider medication allergies but the itching with this tends to be generalized.  Please mention this to your PS at your follow up appointment.


Dr. ES

Itching is normal, Redness is not.

Hello, and thank you for your question.

Itching is normal after surgery and is due to the wound healing, nerves healing, prep used during surgery, or simply due to stretch.  Redness and warms to the area are not normal and could be a sign of infection.  Redness can also be a sign of an allergic reaction as well.  Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource to have a physical exam regarding this for diagnosis.

Best Wishes!

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