Somebody told me about a filler called Volift Juvederm. Is this FDA approved? (photos)

...somebody told me about a filler called Volift this Fda approvated? I wanna do a little filler on my cheek understand my dark circle,better Volift or Voluma...?which is the lasting?thanks :)))

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Vollure has FDA approval

Volift has received FDA approval under the name Vollure for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds) in people over the age of 21.  With full correction, patients may be able to have improvement for up to 18 month. Both Voluma and Vollure are excellent fillers. Choose an experienced and expert physician injector who understands your aesthetic goals and allow him or her to guide you on the choice of filler.

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Somebody told me about a filler called Volift Juvederm. Is this FDA approved?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Volift has been recently approved by the US FDA under the name Vollure.  This is the most recent Vycross technology HA filler produced by Allergan to receive approval, with results lasting up to a year or more.  Hope this helps.

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Volift Juvederm

I have used Juvederm Volift (I'm in Canada), as well as other Vylacross technology from Allergan such as Voluma and Volbella for some time now. These are excellent products, longer lasting, great consistency, and great safety profile.

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Juvederm Volift, Voluma and Volbella; A 4-year Canadian experience

Thank you for your question.

Health Canada (equivalent of FDA for Canada) has approved all three for the Canadian market.  They were also all approved already in Europe.  FDA tends to be the latest to approve as they often require their own studies.

I've used #Voluma for 4 years now, #Volbella for 2 years and #Volift for almost one year and those products are excellent and all longer-lasting than their equivalent (i.e. the older juvederm and restyle products).

Voluma being the largest molecule will last the longest but can only be used deeper and where there is thick soft tissue covering the fillers.  I do use Voluma for cheek and chin augmentation and jaw contouring (pre and post jowls, male angles, etc.) all the times but in the cheek region, I will transition with Volift then Volbella as I get closer to the #lids and #TearThroughs.

If you do have access to the Vycross Juvederm fillers (i.e. Vycross technology), those are excellent options.


Dr. Marc DuPere, royal-college certified plastic surgeon

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Hi.  Volift is one of several products that are used in Europe and overseas, but is not yet FDA approved.

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