Cheek implant revision, swollen after 2 months? (Photos)

I had i right medpor removed cause it later was infected. Now I have had it placed back again. Problem is that I feel it is bigger and I am visibly more swollen from the right side than the left side. Surgeon says all is good and I should only wait, but he said the same after the first surgery when things went badly.

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Revision cheek implant

trumano, thank you for your picture.  I hate to hear that you had to go through the hassle of an infected implant and needing to have it removed.  I can only imagine what an unpleasant time that was for you.  This is probably part of the reason why you are still swollen at this time, believe it or not.  During the infection, you develop scar tissue and a capsule surrounding the implant.   This can take quite some time to settle down.  Placing another implant into the area will then create more surgical trauma and the resulting swelling will take longer to settle down.  Your operating surgeon would know what to expect as they were there to remove the implant, inspect the site for scar tissue and capsule formation, as well as replacing it back in.  Its very early.  Give it time and keep your doctor up to speed with your recovery.  He may even want you to start massaging to help redistribute the lymphatic build up from revision surgery.  Best of luck! I hope some of this helps.

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Check in with Your Doctor About After Care

It can take several weeks for the swelling to go down after your procedure. In the mean time, I recommend contacting your Dr. about after care to improve your results. Venus Legacy treatments may help reduce some of the swelling. Best, Dr. Emer

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Post op swelling

Synthetic implants can lead to post op swelling that last 2 months. Especially in the circumstance where the area has been manipulated before. 

For my patients I often have them do a low salt diet (less than 1000mg/day and high fiber).

This will help to reduce the swelling quicker.

In light of you having a prior infection it is important to be vigilant. I would make sure to see the surgeon whenver there is concern.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck,


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