Is Microdermabrasion the Same at a Hair Salon/spa As at a Dermatologist or Medical Spa?

My hair salon/spa is now offering microdermabrasion. Is this the same I would get from a dermatologist or in a medical spa?

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Microdermabrasion in hair salons vs doctor offices and spas

There are many different types of microdermabrasion machines that professionals can purchase to offer in their offices/spas/salons. A doctor can purchase a medical grade microdermabrasion machine that is not available to spas and salons usually without a medical director. If the machine is one that uses crystals, then there are also different types of crystals available to use in the machine. These are very important for the overall results. All machines are not created equal. I prefer the Power Peel Microdermabrasion.

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Most likely, they are the same

Microdermabrasion is a widely common procedure and is a simple method to remove the very top layers of the top layer of the skin. To do this, there are really two primary ways: a diamond-fraise machine to lightly sand the skin, and a crystal microdermabrasion method to slightly abrade the superficial epidermis.

Some systems, such as the SilkPeel, add additional solutions to make the experience feel more luxurious, but the essential endpoint is the same: removal of the superficial epidermis. That being said, most places offering microdermabrasion offer one of these two modalities.

Both work well, but my preference is for the crystal free microdermabrasion (diamond-fraise). Either location you go, you should free receiving fairly equivalent microdermabrasion that should accomplish your goals. Please make sure that the place you end up going to does have a qualified professional operating the machine and doing the procedure.

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