Is It Okay to Have Microdermabration Done Between Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

I not only have acne scarring but also discoloration, I have had 2 of 4 scheduled Pixel laser treatments and Im wondering if microdermabrasion between my laser treatments would help with both problems? Seeing its about a 10th of the cost of the laser treatments I'm wondering if its a good idea to help move things along faster?

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Timing is everything

We prefer to let powerful laser treatments heal and save possible microdermabrasion  or (vibraderm) if needed for later.

There are those who feel that some microdermabrasion techniques can leave particles embedded in the skin, which in theory could interfere with the laser. Vibraderm microdermabrasion does not use particles, so this is not an issue.

Your best bet is to ask your laser physician about combining with microdermabrasion, and keep everything "under one roof"-- avoiding any potential  timing errors. 

South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Microdermabrasion in between laser treatments

Well, microdermabrasion may be safely performed on most skin types between laser treatments, but it is completely dependent upon the spacing of both procedures. First of all, I would only recommend receiving microdermabrasion treatments in the office in which you had the laser resurfacing performed. I would definitely not recommend receiving a microdermabrasion in a spa or other office, where they are unfamiliar with the specific treatment that you received.

Microdermbrasion treatments may be performed between laser treatments provided that the skin has been given enough time to heal sufficiently to handle it. We will often provide a very light microdermabrasion treatment two to three weeks after a laser resurfacing procedure to help remove any residual dead skin cells that are sloughing off on their own. This tends to occur on patients with oilier skin types. For persons with sensitive skin or thinner skin, I would prefer a mild enzyme treatment to assist with this process, only if needed, rather than a microdermabrasion.

I would also not suggest receiving a microdermabrasion less than one week prior to your scheduled laser resurfacing procedure, unless your treating physician is recommending it. I hope this helps.

Nick Slenkovich, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Microdermabrasion does not help acne scarring

I routinely perform SilkPeel microdermabrasion on all my Fraxel laser patients in-between treatments. I believe that microdermabrasion is an excellent tool to remove the dead cells from the laser treatment and to clean up the skin. However, microdermabrasion does NOT help with acne scarring. It can, however, help with acne itself.

SilkPeel microdermabrasion has an added advantage where you can pick the solution you choose to treat your skin during the microdermabrasion treatment. For acne, you can choose salicylic acid, which can help control acne and acne breakouts. There is a new liquid solution called Lumixyl that can also help with discoloration. Just remember that it is a great adjunct to remove dead cells after a laser treatment. But, it does not improve acne scarring. Good luck with your decision.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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