Is It Dangerous for Someone with Lupus to Get Botox Injections?

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Not recommended

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Botox is not recommended for patients with autoimmune disorders, and I would advice against it.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and autoimmune diseases

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In my opinion, it might be. We do not know what causes lupus or other autoimmune diseases, but we do know a few things that are associated with autoimmune diseases like lupus and type-one diabetes. We do know that autoimmune diseases are familial in many cases. There are several known genes that can be inherited and can give someone an increased likelihood of getting an autoimmune disease. Despite this however, everyone who has these genes does not get an autoimmune disease.

We also know that Africans in some parts of Africa have almost no autoimmune diseases, but when those same populations of people live in the United States, they do get autoimmune diseases. We DO NOT know what it is that is that is causing this. Is it the preservatives in our food, and the products we apply to our bodies? Is it all the chemicals that we use in our homes and businesses to clean with? Is it all the chemicals that we inhale with our air-fresheners and the like? Is it all the preservatives in the prepackaged foods that we eat? Is is the antibiotics or other medications that we take? Are genetically modified foods chemically different in such a way that if affects our immune systems? We do not know. It is however, possible that all of these thousands of chemicals that we are regularly exposed to here in the U.S. are triggers to our immune systems that lead to the dysregulation. There is a correlation between demyelinating diseases and Botox. Whether these diseases are related to other autoimmune diseases is unknown. So, in general, I think that if you have a strong personal OR family history of autoimmune diseases, I would not use Botox.

Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologist

Do not recommend Botox for Lupus patients.

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Patients with lupus have a very active immune system. It is not recommended to add another chemicals such as Botox to this complicated environment.

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Botox for Lupus Sufferer - Ill advised

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Your immune system is already dealing with confused messages. Adding any chemical message signals to your system with Botox or injected neuroproteins is not advised. Your health comes first.

Yet, I suspect you must be feeling like you want to do something. There really aren't any topicals you can use that are effective at reducing muscle contraction, but there is an "old school" tape product called Frownies. These are used by wetting and pasting one over the wrinkled area each night to theoretically prevent unconscious frowning.

You might find they give you a bit of effect. Just be sure to cleanse the area well when you remove them so you don't create clogged pores. The glue they use should be fairly safe on a any skin. Follow the directions and if you get any skin reaction, don't continue the use.

Sometimes massage is a good way to remind your frowning muscles to relax, as is biofeedback that you can do on your own anytime.

I have one friend who wears a watch with a blue paper dot on the watch face as a reminder to relax. It seems to help.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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