Should young person get a brow lift? (Photo)

I'm 18 and have very low eyebrows when I relax my brow muscles, giving me a very unnattractive and angry look. Because of this I constantly have my eyebrows slightly raised to make my eyes look normal. This causes me to have 2 horizontal wrinkles on my forehead which are very noticible in certain lighting. I've noticed this problem since I was 13 and would like to get rid of it. I'm only 18 but what procedure would you recommend I get to fix this? Thank you.

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A brow lift could help to raise the brow and create a more open look

A brow lift or endoscopic forehead lift might be good options to consider to help raise your eyebrows. Both procedures are great for opening up the eye region and are done by making incisions to the hairline which can be easily hidden. Although you are relatively young, people from all ages undergo brow or forehead lifts. Since this seems to have been a concern of your for years now, I suggest consulting with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a good track record of successful brow and forehead lift procedures to find out which approach will work best for you. I hope this helps.

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Dear marie2338, In my practice on younger patients who have similar complaints I perform an endoscopic browlift which will place your brows to their proper position thus opening up your eyes more. Whether you would be a candidate at your age would be determined in a consultation with examination. i have enclosed a link below where you can view similar young patients and how natural the results are. When performed in the technique I use this does not overly elevate the hairline and most patients see minimal increase in the hairline as no skin is excised and the skin tissues and muscles are undermined shifting them all together to allow a natural appearance with no tell tale signs of surgery. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Brow lift

Endoscopic forehead lift is the recommended procedure to elevate the brows with minimal scars. Looking at the before and after photos, you will see the results that can be achieved with this procedure.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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There is no real age limit with browlifting surgery.  Heavy brows can occur at an early age and often runs in families.  The best treatment is an endoscopic browlift.  Best wishes.

David Alessi, MD
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Brow lift in the young female?

Brow lift in the young female? Yes a browlilft is what you need to avoid making forehead creases. If you have an endoscopic forehead lift it will raise your hairline. That is why we invented the Irregular Trichophytjc Forehead lift which will not raise your hairline. See a very experienced brow lift surgeon who does both and have him show u the hairline scar witch should not be seen since hair grows thru it.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Lifting the brows

The only option I would consider to lift your brow would be an endoscopic lift; please avoid the anterior hairline described option below as it will scar you for lift and would look awkward in a patient your age. Please note that your hairline will be pulled back by 1 to 1.5cm so you have to be ok with this.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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+Brow Lift for18 Year Old

You are physically mature and therefor old enough for a brow lift to treat your inherited condition. I recommend the Irregular Trichophytjc Hairline Incision Technique that we described many years ago so you can avoid lifting your hairline further which would increase the size of your forehead. Not only will this surgery raise your hairline but it will also reduce the heavy hooded appearance of your upper eyelids.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift

if you think you look better with your brow in a higher position, then an endoscopic brow lift is an excellent surgery
minimal scaring and excellent subtle correction
at age 18 you are surely a candidate
as you mature, you will continue to change and grow, so there's a possibility that you might have some change of your brow position 
something to think about
talk to a board certified plastic surgeon so you will understand the technique and potential for change and the resolution if any is needed.
good luck

David Rosenstein, MD
Boynton Beach Plastic Surgeon
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