I can't move eye brows and they're coming down after two weeks from having botox. Is this right? (Photo)

For the first time I had botox before 2 weeks and I had a slightly asymmetrical eye brow everything was ok till I went for a correction before one week since then I can't lift my eye brows and my eye brows are coming down I'm a mother of three kids and 29 years recently divorced my life turned to hell pls tell me anything that make me feel better I want to suicide I'm having panic attached

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Eyebrows drooping from Botox

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Botox can be wonderful to correct facial wrinkles.  At times Botox may be placed too low and cause the eyebrows to appear too heavy or droop.  The heaviness of your eyebrows should resolve in a few weeks and will have no permanent side effects.  

Eyebrow droop from Botox

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First of all, suicide is VERY serious and if you are having these types of thoughts you need to contact someone immediately to help you. Botox is not that bad, no matter the outcome. It is temporary and it will resolve. Suicide will not. So please, call someone if these are the thoughts you are having.

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