Will invisalign work with a bridge?

I am 30yrs old and my teeth have shifted to the left due to a missing molar. My bite is uneven and I have a small gap that nobody notices but bothers me. I am thinking of using invisalign but my question is should I get my bridge done and then do my ivisalign treatment or should I wait on my bridge after the invisalign?

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Bridge or Invisalign first?

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Hello Anna,
     I would love to see some photos of your smile and the areas that you want corrected.  Without photos, your question is actually more complicated than it seems at first glance, so let me explain.
Without photos, most dentists will probably tell you to get the bridge before the Invisalign because Invisalign doesn't move bridges and you are limiting yourself with movement options, when you place a non-movable bridge in your mouth prior to Invisalign treatment.  
    However, what may not have been considered, is that Invisalign uses your molars as leverage to move the rest of your teeth, so depending on it's location, your bridge could provide more leverage that would ultimately make your anterior teeth easier to move with Invisalign.  Therefore, I would highly recommend that you post pictures  (that don't show your identity), so that the cosmetic dentists and orthodontists on this site can make a more accurate determination.
Good luck to you and if you have any additional questions of me here on Real Self, be sure to go to click on my name and hit "follow."  Take care.

Invisalign should be done before bridgework

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By doing the bridge first you are limiting your treatment options.  I would move the teeth into the proper position and then place the bridge.  I would seek the opinion of a qualified dentist or orthodontist in your area before deciding on a course of treatment. 

Do bridgeword or implants after your Invisalign (or braces) treatment.

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Please understand that if you do bridgework to replace a missing tooth prior to orthodontics you are effectively limiting your treatment options.  Teeth where a bridge exists are firmly anchored and almost impossible to move.  Many times when a bridge exists, it has to be 'cut loose' so that the teeth can be moved when orthodontics is performed.  Please do yourself a favor and consult with a qualified orthodontist regarding your Invisalign or braces treatment before considering anything permanent like a bridge or dental implant.  In that way all options are open.   Good luck.

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