Ill-fitting Invisalign Tray on Wisdom Tooth

Tray not snug on one side where I have a wisdom tooth, should I be concerned? I just started tray 1 of 10 trays and am on day 5. The trays are very snug except on my bottom right in the back where I still have that wisdom tooth.

It stands up a tad higher than my neighboring molars and the tray doesn't cover it completely. It's not quite snug and has a little spring to it. I'm worried it will affect my movement. When I told my orthodontist on the 1st day about it not being snug he said it should fix itself in the first few days but it hasn't. Should I be concerned?

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Cutting the tray may not be the best solution

If the tray is not fitting properly, it is possible that the impression was not accurate. It is also possible that your tooth has erupted since that time.

Cutting the tray away from the wisdom tooth will allow your aligners to fit better. However, you must be aware that this tooth can then continue to erupt while the other teeth are being held in place. This presents a very awkward situation when you begin biting down without your aligners.

If you do not wish to have an impression taken right now as a mid-course correction, you may be able to wait until it is time for refinement.

Unfortunately, when I hear about 10 trays, it sounds as if you are likely using the Express Product. This does not allow for mid course correction and refinement comes at an additional fee to your dentist/orthodontist. Please consult your provider to discuss your specific situation. Good luck!

Toronto Orthodontist

Probably some tray distortion when mold was taken

There was probably some distortion when the assistant took the molds. It happens all the time. The aligners were all made with the same distortion probably. If it doesnt go away after the first 3 days of wear, then thats a sign of a distorted aligner..The easy way to fix it is to simply cut away the aligner over that one wisdom tooth and the tray will then fit down over the teeth in front of it. Make sure they polish it after cutting the tray or it could cut your tongue. The complex way to fix it is too take all new molds and start over but thats really over kill. Patients hate that because it delays treatment.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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