Will Invisalign Push Up the Upper Lip?

I heard that Braces will push up your upper lip, will Invisalign do this? Since braces have the bulky metal thing in the front, it will push my upper lip up. This is not good for me since my teeth are already kinda doing that.

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Thinner Invisalign = No push out of upper lip

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The thickness of Invisalign compared to braces is significant. Invisalign covers the teeth like a glove, sitting very close to the surface of the teeth. Braces are thicker and bulkier and sit a few millimeters away from the teeth. If there is a concern about whether or not Invisalign will push the upper lip out like braces will, the answer is no. Invisalign is a much thinner material and sits closer to the tooth surface. Most people will never even know that you are wearing anything on your teeth when you are wearing Invisalign.

New York Orthodontist

Invisalign will not push upper lip

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Invisalign is the best way to go if you are worried about how your upper lip looks during treatment. Watch the sex and the city episode of when Miranda got her adult braces and you'll see what I mean...they are hideous!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

The aligners are very thin

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There will be virtually no effect to your lip.
You may feel like your lip is different, but it should appear normal.

The aligners are only about one millimeter thick.

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