Invisalign Pain After 3 Days?

i have had invisalign for 3 days. They fit fine everywhere except the bottom back right side i can even push it up with my tongue The plastic also seems to stick out (into my mouth) from my teeth and gets caught on my tongue everytime i try to speak I know that they had trouble taking the molds of the backs of my teeth so i am starting to feel like they must have done something wrong. how do i tell if i just need to suck it up or go tell my ortho. I don't really want to talk to him though...

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Pain with invisalign

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Tooth movement does cause soreness. trays need to be left in and not be taken in and out alot or things will get worse. If the pain gets worse then talk to your Dr and make sure things are ok. Not perio or abcesses. Sometime an aspirn will help but time is the best relief

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Invisalign Pain after 3 days

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Sorry to hear about your experiences.  It is a major problem if you do not want to talk to your dentist.  Invisalign takes some time and you need to communicate and feel comfortable speaking to your dentist.  I have never had a patient describe invisalign as painful.  The first tray does take some time getting used to it.  They should not be irritating to your gums and lips and cheeks.  Call your dentist and explain to them what issues you are having and see how they want to resolve it

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign Pain After 3 Days

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There is a PROBLEM if you don't want to speak to your orthodontist! Why not? Invisalign is a long process, and you should feel comfortable with your doctor. The plastic aligners should fit snugly around your teeth without standing away from them. They should NOT irritate your tongue. If this set fits poorly, then all the rest will also fit poorly. Get back to the orthodontist quickly and get new impressions!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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