Can Invisalign Move Back Teeth (6&7)?

will buttons be removed? will this harm enamel?

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Invisalign works well

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Much of the forces have a more tipping effect, but 6's and 7's CAN move. It may take longer than wires, though.

Buttons are only placed to help the trays have something to hold to and are removed at the end of treatment. If they are skillfully removed, there will be no damage to the teeth, just a beautifully polished surface.

Invisalign moving back teeth

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Yes, Invisalign can move back teeth although it does take longer than just moving the smaller front teeth.

Buttons (attachments) that are placed before Invisalign treatment will be removed after treatment is completed. It should not harm the enamel as long as the dentist is careful when removing the buttons and the bonding agent that was used to attach them. The removal procedure is no different from when people have their brackets removed after conventional orthodontics (braces).

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

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