Invisalign Vs. Braces for Overbite Problem

Hi, I've been unhappy with my overbite for years and was pleased to hear that my dentist recommended Invisalign over braces! He knew I was hesitant about wearing braces but wanted to fix my smile.

I consulted with an orthodontist couple of years back who recommended braces over Invisalign. In fact, he advised against Invisalign for my situation! I asked my dentist why he and the ortho had different opinions about it and the dentist mentioned that most orthodontist feel more comfortable w/ the traditional braces and hinted that the financial benefit was greater on braces for the ortho office.

Would you recommend I get a second opinion? I fear that my dentist may have $$ incentive to recommend Invisalign so I'm hesitant to sign up for this long, and costly process. Advice please? I've asked to see the before and expected after images and they will check w/ the Invisalign folks if that's feasible free of charge...

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Invisalign Will Treat a Deep Bite

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Invisalign (invisible braces) has come a long way in the past 5 years. Invisalign, once used only for minor crowding of lower teeth, can now be used to treat very crooked teeth, bite alignment issues, and even your deep bite.

While many orthodontists still rely solely on traditional metal braces to straighten teeth, others are incorporating Invisalign into their practices. The ideal 2nd opinion would be from an orthodontist who does both.

As a cosmetic dentist who offers Invisalign, I love the system. I have corrected a few deep bites at this point and I'm currently using Invisalign to correct MY OWN bite alignment. I believe that Invisalign will do as good a job as traditional braces would for improving your deep bite.

Of course, the orthodontist or the dentist will benefit financially from your choice of treatment. But that should not be the driving force. My focus is on your goals and helping you achieve them...not on the price tag of the item you choose.

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