Can Invisalign Cause Bite Problems?

Wondering if Invisalign could cause bite problems due to the teeth not being fully together while the trays are in. Is this a concern, or something that has been seen before?

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If done improperly, Invisalign can cause bite problems

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As an orthodontist, I have seen patients that have been treated with Invisalign that have had bite problems develop and thus were in my chair for a second opinion. Invisalign, in the right hands, is a great tool for correcting malocclusions. However, diagnosis is the most important key to success for any treatment in orthodontics. If the treating doctor does not have a sound understanding of orthodontics, then the treatment may very well not go as planned.

The initial set up of the bite for Invisalign is largely set up by a technician in Costa Rica who is not a dentist. Thus, it is the treating doctors responsibilty to have a lot of input into the case for there to be success. I would recommend finding an orthodonist, or even general dentist, that has a lot of experience treating with Invisalign.

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Can Invisalign cause bite problem?

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Short Answer: Yes. Invisalign can facilitate bite problems.

Long Answer: As you  know, Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that completely cover your teeth, including the biting surface. If worn properly, which is 20+ hours everyday, your bite becomes accustom to the thickness of material opening and separating your teeth.

Even once active treatment is complete, many people will feel a "dual bite." One bite with their trays in and one without. We see this all the time.

A lot of patients in Invisalign or in Braces will feel their bites change during treatment. Sometimes from comfortable to uncomfortable, until completion. This can be bothersome but is a part of the process.

There are many ways to achieve a solid comfortable bite even at the end of Invisalign if this is your experience. Just be sure to talk with your doctor and be sure you pick a doctor  who is not new to using Invisalign.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign can cause temporary separation of bite

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Invisalign aligners cover the surface of your teeth, and when worn properly this can cause the teeth or bite to separate.  When you are finished with treatment, this may feel odd, or like you have a "bite problem", but within a matter of weeks the teeth should settle and begin to touch in the proper way.  In some cases, you may need to have an occlusal adjustment to fine tune the way your teeth meet together.

Andrew Orchin, DDS
Washington DC Dentist

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