I Have Inverted Cesarean Scar Can It Be Fixed Under General Anesthia w/ Optimal Results? (photo)

I had 2 c-sections 10 months apart, and the last scar healed akwardly. It is inverted to my skin sort of pinned accross,it causes a pooch & no amt of dieting or excersise has completely ridded me of this teeny flap of skin above the scar! not to mention it is unsightly! Considering I have 16% body fat will I get noticeable results from scar revision alone,or do i need a mimi-tuck?

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Bad C-section scar can be revised in 2 ways.

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Your post-C-section physique is quite good; unfortunately, your Ob/Gyn did a nice skin closure but did not do a closure of the intermediate layer (Scarpa's "fascia", which is a condensation of fibrous tissue within your normal fatty layers beneath the skin and above your abdominal wall fascia). This led to the fat retracting above and below the incision and the incision adhering to the abdominal wall fascia (causing the visible indentation from scar retraction or inversion).

Revision of the C-section scar with layered closure will improve this significantly in most cases. This could be done under local anesthesia or sedation, but would not require general anesthesia.

Option two would be a mini-tuck in which the C-section scar is excised along with an ellipse of skin and fat, elevating the upper flap, and tightening the stretched abdominal wall fascia between the belly button and the pubic bone. This will flatten the lower abdomen even more than you have done on your own, and the incision can also be closed in layers to minimize scar retraction or inversion. A drain would be likely, the scar would be somewhat longer than your C-section scar (but still in the bikini line), and your surgeon would need to use a general anesthetic more commonly than not.

Choice between these options becomes an issue of cost, benefits, and comparing these with your goals. Best wishes!

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Scar Revision for C-section Scar?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. You have achieved an amazing looking abdomen after 2 C-sections!

If your main concern is the appearance of the C-section scar, then scar revision surgery only may be helpful. This operation may help to eliminate the contour depression (inversion) of the scar line. Tummy tuck surgery of any kind will not be necessary.

I hope this helps.

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