Does Latisse Application Have to Be on a Regular Schedule?

Hi, I'm interesting to use Latisse for growing eyelashes. I work night shift 3x/week. How do I apply Latisse when I work night? Also, When do I apply it when I DO NOT work night? Does it have to be applied at the same time q day? Thank you.

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Proper LATISSE Application with a VARIABLE Work Schedule

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Latisse works by keeping more and more eyelash hair follicles in the growth phase resulting in lower lashes. IDEALLY it should be applied whenever you go to bed (prolonged contact with root of lashes without opening and closing eyes). It does not have to be applied at night. Look at your schedule and add the Latisse application to your before sleeping routine. Your eyelashes will not know the difference and will grow in length equally well.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon


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Latisse is applies by a very fine brush to the hai base of the lash line daily, does not mater when.

When the length is satisfactory to patients , I tell them to apply every other day as maitainance.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Latisse application schedule

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Same time every day is not absolutely necessary. if you miss a day here and there it will just take a little longer to get the full effects. You can use it whenever your "night" happens to be. Ideally the same time is preferred so your hair follicles get a consistent message about what they are supposed to do.

The primary reason for night time application is that most women will have clean skin, so there's no interference from mascara or eyeliner or eye creams. If you don't wear eye makeup at work, then apply, let dry and go on.

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