Is There an Interaction Between Botox and Sleeping Pills?

I had botox for crow's feet last month. My doctor told me that there were no side effects in the area and that my smile wouldn't change. But now when I smile I have bags under my eyes and weird cheeks. I also experienced side effects indicating the toxin spread (losing my voice). I told my doctor I was on trazadone for sleep and he wasn't concerned. Afterwards, I noticed on the, that sleep medication causes complications. My questions are: Will trazadone cause the botox effects to last longer? Could I experience more adverse effects as time goes on?

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Botox interactions with other medications

I highly doubt that the Botox is interacting with your sleep medication, amd  the problem with your voice is a coincidence.  However, the Botox in the crow's feet area can effect your smile if the zygomatic muscles in the cheek are overly-effected by the injections.  This will wear off.

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Botox smile changes

As far as I know, there is no interaction between the Botox & your sleeping pill. Botox USUALLY does not spread from around the eyes to the vocal cords. My guess that this was just a coincidence, & I would have an ENT specialist look into the voice problem. The movement of the cheek muscles is rarely affected by crow's feet injections, but it can happen & may result in changes noted in your smile appearance. It is a temporary effect & should disappear with time.

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
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